Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 2, 2013

Here's a first: Writing a post about a missed dunk. Never thought the day would come when such a thing would be worth highlighting, but no one could have guessed Victor Oladipo would come so close to completing an absolutely silly alley-oop. Watch the near highlight-reel dunk and a replay of it in this post. Or, hey, just check out the image of it on the video player here.

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Honestly, look how far he reached just to catch the ball. And, somehow, Oladipo sounded frustrated in his postgame presser that he didn't finish the play, saying: "I don't know how I missed it, man. I was so close."

No worries, though, because No. 3 Indiana still took down No. 1 Michigan.

Check out what others were saying about Oladipo's near highlight:

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