Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, November 20, 2012

Maryland it is not, Rutgers is no slouch in the uniform department itself. To be fair, though, no Big Ten school can challenge Maryland when it comes to uniforms and helmets. The Scarlet Knights, outfitted by Nike, mix it up quite a bit – only in a tamer manner than Maryland.

Here's a look at every uniform/helmet combination Rutgers wore in 2013:

As you can see from the photos, Rutgers likes the monochromatic jersey-pant look. With black, scarlet and white jerseys and pants at the ready, the Scarlet Knights have six home combinations and three road combinations – not counting helmets.

Speaking of helmets, that's where Rutgers gets creative. Gone are the days when it wore its scarlet lid. These days, the Scarlet Knights have three silver helmets, plus a patriotic alternate. There's one with a black facemask and black R, one with a silver facemask and a scarlet R and one with a scarlet facemask and scarlet R.

Not bad, especially that patriotic one the team wore vs. Army the day before Veterans Day.

You'll notice the jersey, particularly the collar effect, resembles many of the new NFL ones. That's because Nike, which redesigned all NFL uniforms prior to this season, carried it over to Rutgers, too.

View other Rutgers athletic teams' uniforms here.

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