Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, August 11, 2012

Tim Beckman

It was a hard days work for Illinois football coach Tim Beckman on Friday. Or perhaps, he really felt like bonding with standout linebacker Jonathan Brown. Either way, the first-year head coach capped Friday's practice with a plunge in the ice bath. No joke. And from the picture @IllinoisFootball tweeted, it sure seemed as though Beckman enjoyed the cold temperatures. See the photo in this post.

Illinois fans have to like this side of Beckman. It's always nice to see coaches interacting and having fun with their players off the field. This definitely falls under that category.

My question: Which of the other Big Ten coaches is most likely to take a cold dip? I have to go with Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald, followed closely by Michigan's Brady Hoke. Although, Iowa's Kirk Ferentz is no stranger to freezing plunges.

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