Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 19, 2012

Remember the uberly successful beanie babies promotional giveaway the Chicago Cubs launched in 1997? Chances are Kevin Schneider does. Schneider, like many hardcore sports fans, looks forward to any and every promotional giveaway. You might even say he circles his calendar for such days around the Chicago area.

Kevin Schneider

Schneider, a 35-year-old diehard Northwestern fan who lives with a developmental disability, wants your help. See, few things make Schneider happier than adding to his schedule card collection or getting his hands on another promotional giveaway.

[ Kevin Scheider Collects Schedule Cards, Gives Much More]

It doesn't matter the team, the league, or even the sport, Schneider collects it. And to help its dedicated fan bolster his collection, Northwestern has launched "Schedule Cards for Kevin," a campaign that asks fans, alumni and other schools to send their schedule cards or promotional giveaways Schneider's way.

So, no matter where you live or what sport you follow, if you run across a pocket schedule or promotional giveaway, remember Schneider.

Here's the address to send a donation, if interested:

Schedule Cards for Kevin
c/o Northwestern Athletic Communications
1501 Central St.
Evanston, IL  60208

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