Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 14, 2012

Other than similar team colors, the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Chicago Bulls have very little in common. Actually, there is another thing: Eric Piatkowski played for both teams. In all seriousness, though, it probably surprises all that the Bulls, an NBA championship franchise, would consult the Huskers, a team without a conference title in more than six decades, about anything basketball related. They did, and it has to do with Nebraska's impressive Hendricks Training Complex.

[ Chicago Bulls execs 'blown away' by NU facilities]

See, the Bulls are in the market for a new practice facility, this after announcing they are leaving the Berto Center, where they have trained since 1992. The team plans to build a new facility in Chicago.

What did the Bulls think of Nebraska's facility?

?They were simply, absolutely blown away," Nebraska's executive associate athletic director Marc Boehm told ?They said they hadn't seen anything like this so far."

NBA champion John Paxson was among the Bulls higher-ups who toured the facility, so maybe he shared some of his winning pedigree as a thank you for all the ideas.

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