Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 14, 2012

Brady Hoke is an honest man. What he feels, more times than not, he says. We saw an example of it Wednesday at the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp in Southfield, Mich. Hoke, standing on a stage with other coaches, was talking about rivalries, more specifically Michigan's three great rivals, and when he got to Michigan State, he offered brutally honest analysis, highlighted by a couple butt-kicking references — he used a different word. Watch the video, courtesy of, in this post.

Here"s exactly what Hoke said about the Michigan State rivalry:

"When we play an in-state rivalry game with Michigan State — of course, they have kicked our ass for the last four years and there?s no other way of looking at that. It?s been an ass-kicking. Just being honest with you. Pardon me about my language, but it?s the truth."

[ Hoke: MSU series has been a '(butt) kicking' the last four years]

It was an interesting day at the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp, needless to say. There also was this picture of Hoke and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer enjoying ribs together. Oh, and Hoke also called Ohio State, which he always refers to as "Ohio," Ohio State.

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