Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 12, 2012

Mark Titus Groom's Cake

Former Ohio State basketball player Mark Titus loves many things in life. Atop the list are basketball and wrestling, it would seem. The ex-Buckeye nicknamed "The Shark" incorporated those two loves into his groom's cake, which featured Larry Bird and Shawn Michaels in a wrestling ring, all held up by a basketball with the Ohio State logo.  See the cake for yourself in this post.

Titus tweeted (@clubtrillion) a picture of the cake Saturday, with the message: "My groom's cake: Shawn Michaels giving Sweet Chin Music to Larry Bird. Don't act like you're not impressed."

Oh, we're impressed!

h/t @JimmyTraina

The cake topper on his actual wedding cake wasn't too shabby, either:

And, of course, any mention of Titus is the perfect excuse to relive his memorable YouTube highlight video.

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