Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 23, 2012

Next up on our Twitter Tips series: Michigan. Having already featured Illinois, Indiana and Iowa, it's time to turn our attention to the guys who tweet about the Wolverines in our 12-installment series that spotlights every Big Ten institution, in alphabetical order. The goal is simple: to share some of our favorite school-specific Twitter accounts with our fans. That said, let?s get to the Michigan handles.

The Wolverines feature a boatload of worthy follows, perhaps the most of any Big Ten school. Regardless of what you're looking for, from informative beat writers (@chengelis) to dedicated bloggers (@mgoblog) to dedicated alumni (@DaveBrandonAD), you'll find a strong Michigan presence on Twitter.

See our list of recommended Michigan follows below:

Name: Mark Snyder
Twitter handle: @freepwolverines
Twitter profile: "Detroit Free Press sports reporter Mark Snyder covers the University of Michigan beat. Also check out @freepsports."
Followers: 8,214
Sample tweet:!/freepwolverines/status/191191821416800256

Name: Angelique Chengelis
Twitter handle: @chengelis
Twitter profile: "Detroit News Michigan football beat writer. Native Cincinnatian. Love @Graeters, @Skyline_chili. Love my adopted home #Detroit."
Followers: 11,581
Sample tweet:!/chengelis/status/191202004566147072

Name: Michael Rothstein
Twitter handle: @mikerothstein
Twitter profile: "Michigan beat writer for and run the National College Hoops Player of Year poll."
Followers: 4,816
Sample tweet:!/mikerothstein/status/191205113354928128

Name: Larry Lage
Twitter handle: @LarryLage
Twitter profile: "AP Sports Writer, based in Michigan."
Followers: 4,750
Sample tweet:!/LarryLage/status/191210344553783297

Name: Bob Wojnowski
Twitter handle: @bobwojnowski
Twitter profile: "Columnist for the Detroit News and talk-show host on 97.1 the Ticket, M-F at 6 p.m. with @JamieSamuelsen. As an appetite suppressant, you can find me on Fox 2."
Followers: 15,961
Sample tweet:!/bobwojnowski/status/189440079519952896

Name: Kyle Meinke
Twitter handle: @kmeinke
Twitter profile: "Michigan football beat reporter for Purveyor of sarcasm, consumer of hummus."
Followers: 1,759
Sample tweet:!/kmeinke/status/191917463099813888

Name: Nick Baumgardner
Twitter handle: @nickbaumgardner
Twitter profile: "Nick Baumgardner covers Michigan sports for Also, he likes Diet Coke. A lot."
Followers: 1,383
Sample tweet:!/nickbaumgardner/status/191176826813558785

Name: Chris Balas
Twitter handle: @balas_wolverine
Twitter profile: N/A
Followers: 1,888
Sample tweet:!/Balas_Wolverine/status/185103857540534275

Name: Chantel Jennings
Twitter handle: @chanteljennings
Twitter profile: "Michigan beat writer for, University of Michigan grad, Reggie Cleveland All-Star."
Followers: 4,004
Sample tweet:!/ChantelJennings/status/189860779313475584

Name: Stephen J. Nebitt
Twitter handle: @stephenjnesbitt
Twitter profile: "Michigan football beat writer and managing sports editor for @michigandaily, junior at U-M and ESPNU campus rep. Rapier wit and opinions expressed are my own."
Followers: 1,669
Sample tweet:!/stephenjnesbitt/status/191227106171162625

Name: Michigan Football
Twitter handle: @umichfootball
Twitter profile: "Official Twitter account of University of Michigan Football. Tweets scores & news from the field. Use hashtag, #GoBlue."
Followers: 85,969
Sample tweet:!/umichfootball/status/191202625671266304

Name: Michigan Hockey
Twitter handle: @umichhockey
Twitter profile: "Official Twitter account of University of Michigan Hockey. Tweets scores & news from the ice. Use hashtag, #GoBlue."
Followers: 15,047
Sample tweet:!/umichhockey/status/190105800918827008

Name: Brian Cook
Twitter handle: @mgoblog
Twitter profile: "I am from space. Zoltan is my emperor."
Followers: 14,979
Sample tweet:!/mgoblog/status/191202816394657792

Name: Michigan Football
Twitter handle: @umgoblog
Twitter profile: "Michigan Wolverines Sports News Wire … For Fans, By Fans."
Followers: 81,652
Sample tweet:!/UMGoBlog/status/190604187745263617

Name: Dylan Burkhardt
Twitter handle: @umhoops
Twitter profile: ", a Michigan basketball blog."
Followers: 5,921
Sample tweet:!/umhoops/status/183014942897750016

Name: MVictors
Twitter handle: @mvictors
Twitter profile: "Michigan Football at Covering the History and Culture of Michigan athletics since 2001."
Followers: 5,477
Sample tweet:!/MVictors/status/191240937807163394

Name: Brad Muckenthaler
Twitter handle: @MaizeBlueNation
Twitter profile: "I talk about Michigan Football sometimes. Email me at Follow me at"
Followers: 1,864
Sample tweet:!/MaizeBlueNation/status/191208766044241920

Name: Michael Spath
Twitter handle: @spath_wolverine
Twitter profile: "Covering Michigan football, hockey and recruiting for since the 2002 season."
Followers: 1,796
Sample tweet:!/Spath_Wolverine/status/191242249126952961

Name: Andy Reid
Twitter handle: @areid_wolverine
Twitter profile: "Staff Writer at The Wolverine, covering Michigan football and basketball. There's other stuff, too."
Followers: 1,743
Sample tweet:!/AReid_Wolverine/status/176783079438942209

Name: Alex Cook
Twitter handle: @Alex_MnB
Twitter profile: "Blogger for @MaizenBrew, proud native son of W. Michigan, University of Michigan c/o '15, and college football/basketball enthusiast. #goblue."
Followers: 170
Sample tweet:!/Alex_MnB/status/189897251353673728

Name: Dave Brandon
Twitter handle: @DaveBrandonAD
Twitter profile: "The official Twitter account of Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon."
Followers: 26,209
Sample tweet:!/DaveBrandonAD/status/189055563118804993

Name: Chris Mackinder
Twitter handle: @Chris_Mackinder
Twitter profile: "Sports Writer; STATS, LLC. reporter (Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, Michigan & Michigan St.); Yahoo! & ESPN contributor; Joyful father & husband."
Followers: 230
Sample tweet:!/Chris_Mackinder/status/192994668366151680

Name: NFL Wolverines
Twitter handle: @NFLWolverines
Twitter profile: "Updates about Michigan Wolverines in the NFL."
Followers: 966
Sample tweet:!/NFLWolverines/status/123163849716277248

Name: Jeff Arnold
Twitter handle: @jeff_arnold24
Twitter profile: "Husband. Friend. Starbucks addict. Michigan football Rapid Reporter for CBS and write features and enterprise for Yahoo! Sports'"
Followers: 664
Sample tweet:!/jeff_arnold24/status/191654765489422336

Name: Ace Anbender
Twitter handle: @AceAnbender
Twitter profile: "Recruiting analyst for MGoBlog. My office is either home or a football field. If I ever complain about my job, you have permission to slap the s*** out of me."
Followers: 4,080
Sample tweet:!/AceAnbender/status/191673668445798401

Name: Tom VanHaaren
Twitter handle: @TomVH
Twitter profile: "Recruiting Editor at's @WolverineNation. Covering Michigan football recruiting."
Followers: 12,161
Sample tweet:!/TomVH/status/193362708723281920

Name: Steve Lorenz
Twitter handle: @TremendousUM
Twitter profile: "Creator of Tremendous, a pay-free Michigan recruiting site. Also a contributor to MGoBlog. Legit."
Followers: 3,769
Sample tweet:!/TremendousUM/status/193859533213409281

Name: Big Ten Network
Twitter handle: @BTN_Michigan
Twitter profile: "Michigan Wolverines video & headlines from @BigTenNetwork."
Followers: 5,697
Sample tweet:!/BTN_Michigan/status/192988912405315585

Have a worthy Wolverine Twitter account that we missed? Leave it as a comment in the box below.

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