Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 19, 2012

Next stop on our Twitter Tips series: Iowa. We featured Illinois and Indiana the past two days, but now it's time to turn our attention to the guys who tweet about the Hawkeyes. Just as a refresher, this is a 12-installment series that will spotlight every Big Ten institution, in alphabetical order. The goal is simple: to share some of our favorite school-specific Twitter accounts with our fans. Without further delay, let?s get to the Iowa handles.

The Hawkeyes boast a bunch of worthy follows, from informative beat writers (@marcmorehouse) to dedicated bloggers (@PlannedSickDays) to rather humorous alumni (@MitchKing47). You name the sport, Iowa has a strong Twitter presence.

See our list of recommended Iowa follows below:

Name: Marc Morehouse
Twitter handle: @marcmorehouse
Twitter profile: "I'm Marc Morehouse, a sportswriter for The Gazette. I cover Iowa football."
Followers: 8,429
Sample tweet:!/marcmorehouse/status/191209093753618433

Name: Jon Miller
Twitter handle: @HawkeyeNation
Twitter profile: "I'm Jon Miller, Publisher of, an independent and 100% free site. We cover Iowa Hawkeye athletics, provide opinion, analysis & more."
Followers: 10,204
Sample tweet:!/HawkeyeNation/status/190165162496507904

Name: Mike Hlas
Twitter handle: @Hlas
Twitter profile: "C.R. Gazette/ sports scribbler, rancher, concert pianist, goodwill ambassador, beat poet, long-haul trucker."
Followers: 5,366
Sample tweet:!/Hlas/status/181172923929858048

Name: Scott Dochterman
Twitter handle: @ScottDochterman
Twitter profile: "I'm a sportswriter who covers Iowa sports, including football and men's basketball, for multiple platforms in Eastern Iowa, including The Gazette, KCRG, etc."
Followers: 3,281
Sample tweet:!/ScottDochterman/status/181510338469044224

Name: Tom Kakert
Twitter handle: @HawkeyeReport
Twitter profile: "I am the publisher of of the network."
Followers: 6,137
Sample tweet:!/HawkeyeReport/status/182577432958734337

Name: Brendan Stiles
Twitter handle: @thebstiles
Twitter profile: " creator. Cover Iowa football & men?s basketball. Also writing for CBS RapidReports. Chicago Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs & White Sox fan."
Followers: 2,233
Sample tweet:!/thebstiles/status/189859040954810368

Name: Adam Jacobi
Twitter handle: @Adam_Jacobi
Twitter profile: " Big Ten lead CFB writer. Striving for equality and perfect cromulence. I hope I entertain you."
Followers: 3,431
Sample tweet:!/Adam_Jacobi/status/192327541288210432

Name: Robe Howe
Twitter handle: @HawkeyeInsider
Twitter profile: "All the information you need on University of Iowa athletics…almost."
Followers: 6,337
Sample tweet:!/HawkeyeInsider/status/187178207907299328

Name: Andy Hamilton
Twitter handle: @Andy_Hamilton
Twitter profile: "Andy Hamilton covers wrestling and high school sports for the Des Moines Register."
Followers: 3,016
Sample tweet:!/Andy_Hamilton/status/191990212056989696

Name: Keith Murphy
Twitter handle: @MurphyKeith
Twitter profile: "Sports Director/anchor at WHO-HD13, host of SoundOFF, co-host of The Murph & Andy Show on 1460 KXnO. I love sports—and more."
Followers: 9,244
Sample tweet:!/MurphyKeith/status/184003985894670336

Name: Seth Roberts
Twitter handle: @SethCaliRoberts
Twitter profile: "Daily Iowan sports editor. Iowa football reporter. Californian. Critic. Diehard Red Sox fan. Disciple at the Temple of Springsteen."
Followers: 313
Sample tweet:!/SethCaliRoberts/status/194846278260228096

Name: Iowa Hawkeyes Nerd
Twitter handle: @IowaHawkeyes
Twitter profile: "Just a Nerd tweeting Hawkeye news and info. For official U of Iowa tweets, follow @uiowa or @TheIowaHawkeyes."
Followers: 3,537
Sample tweet:!/iowahawkeyes/status/191375311034777601

Name: Rick Reese
Twitter handle: @PlannedSickDays
Twitter profile: "I'm a raging information addict. My own drum or whatever, I dance to that. I probably retweet too much, oh and I blog about the Iowa Hawkeyes."
Followers: 2,394
Sample tweet:!/PlannedSickDays/status/192267800117645313

Name: Patrick Vint
Twitter handle: @HS_BHGP
Twitter profile: "Patrick Vint (a/k/a Hawkeye State), of BHGP notoriety. Also, certified notary public."
Followers: 1,438
Sample tweet:!/HS_BHGP/status/191214877120004096

Name: Justin VanLaere
Twitter handle: @storminspank
Twitter profile: "I.T. Mgr. basketball writer. founder. Chicago Cubs & Bears Fan. Beer Nerd. Coffee Drinker. Music & Movie Lover. Husband. Dad."
Followers: 1,761
Sample tweet:!/storminspank/status/187980121041403904

Name: Ryan Suchomel
Twitter handle: @RSuchomel
Twitter profile: "Moose on the Loose. Fat Boy. This Sucks. Hooverball champion. Bear. Flying Dutchman. Beake. Dolphin fan. Ogre killer."
Followers: 684
Sample tweet:!/RSuchomel/status/192295367990185984

Name: Brian Ferentz
Twitter handle: @CoachBFerentz
Twitter profile: "Offensive Line Coach – University of Iowa."
Followers: 4,245
Sample tweet:!/CoachBFerentz/status/189874287019175937

Name: Matt Weitzel
Twitter handle: @BigWeitz
Twitter profile: "Iowa Basketball and Baseball Communications Director. Passion includes traveling, attending sporting events and Dave Matthews concerts, and watching comedies."
Followers: 499
Sample tweet:!/BigWeitz/status/188648227921342465

Name: Mitch King
Twitter handle: @MitchKing47
Twitter profile: "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!!! #Mamas_Boy."
Followers: 2,471
Sample tweet:!/Mitchking47/status/192746069879300096

Name: Big Ten Network
Twitter handle: @BTN_Iowa
Twitter profile: "Iowa Hawkeyes video & headlines from @BigTenNetwork."
Followers: 4,326
Sample tweet:!/BTN_Iowa/status/194176589037174784

Have a worthy Hawkeye Twitter account that we missed? Leave it as a comment in the box below.

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