Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 18, 2012

Day 2 of our Twitter Tips series takes us to Indiana. We kicked off the 12-installment project Tuesday with the Big Ten school at the top of the alphabet, Illinois, and will post a new one, in alphabetical order, every day until we reach Wisconsin. Our goal with this series is simple: to share some of our favorite school-specific Twitter accounts with our fans. Now, let's get to the Indiana handles.

The Hoosiers have no shortage of worthy follows, from informative beat writers (@indystar_hutch) to dedicated bloggers (@insidethehall) to famous and passionate alumni (@DanDakich). In other words, whatever it is you?re looking for, Indiana has a presence on Twitter.

See our list of recommended Indiana follows below:

Name: Terry Hutchens
Twitter handle: @indystar_hutch
Twitter profile: "Terry Hutchens is in his 14th season covering Indiana University football and basketball for The Indianapolis Star."
Followers: 5,901
Sample tweet:!/indystar_hutch/status/191205974776889344

Name: Bob Kravitz
Twitter handle: @bkravitz
Twitter profile: "Indy Star columnist, bon vivant and semi retired goaltender."
Followers: 20,089
Sample tweet:!/bkravitz/status/183992390686740480

Name: Jeff Rabjohns
Twitter handle: @JeffRabjohns
Twitter profile: "Jeff Rabjohns covers Indiana and recruiting for, a part of the and Yahoo! Sports network. Regular on Indy sports talk radio."
Followers: 7,831
Sample tweet:!/JeffRabjohns/status/189732901166907392

Name: Dustin Dopirak
Twitter handle: @DustinDopirak
Twitter profile: "Dustin Dopirak covers Indiana football and basketball for the Bloomington Herald-Times."
Followers: 3,930
Sample tweet:!/DustinDopirak/status/190117405098389504

Name: Dan Dakich
Twitter handle: @DanDakich
Twitter profile: N/A
Followers: 26,271
Sample tweet:!/dandakich/status/186864679023419392

Name: Mike Pegram
Twitter handle: @peegs
Twitter profile: "Founder,"
Followers: 8,991
Sample tweet:!/peegs/status/189715312525058050

Name: Alex Bozich
Twitter handle: @insidethehall
Twitter profile: "Inside the Hall Editor, Founder."
Followers: 10,558
Sample tweet:!/insidethehall/status/189387745137934336

Name: Chronic Hoosier
Twitter handle: @ChronicHoosier
Twitter profile: "Short. Sighted. Hoosiers."
Followers: 7,785
Sample tweet:!/ChronicHoosier/status/187621206961295360

Name: Zach Osterman
Twitter handle: @ZachOsterman
Twitter profile: "I cover IU athletics and recruiting for and 247 Sports. I watch too much soccer. My beard cannot rival Wes Rucker's, but I'm working on it."
Followers: 2,385
Sample tweet:!/ZachOsterman/status/183341989641719808

Name: Ken Bikoff
Twitter handle: @kbikoff
Twitter profile: N/A
Followers: 1,362
Sample tweet:!/kbikoff/status/189720457304473600

Name: Jeremy Gray
Twitter handle: @jfgray
Twitter profile: "IU Assistant Athletics Director & passionate fan of all 24 IU Sports. Play-by-play man & host of IU TV shows on BTN. 90% IU, 10% Cards, tennis, pop culture."
Followers: 1,670
Sample tweet:!/jfgray/status/191189397125869568

Name: Justin Albers
Twitter handle: @Justin_Albers
Twitter profile: "IU basketball writer for Inside The Hall and die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan."
Followers: 1,192
Sample tweet:!/Justin_Albers/status/190229329479872512

Name: Shana Daniels
Twitter handle: @IUShanaDan
Twitter profile: "Social Media Coordinator & Asst. Media Relations Director at Indiana University who tweets all things IU, a little me & A LOT of #IUBB."
Followers: 2,314
Sample tweet:!/IUShanaDan/status/185370654042898432

Name: Jeremiah Johnson
Twitter handle: @jjfox59Sports
Twitter profile: "Sports Anchor/Reporter For FOX 59 Indianapolis Writer/Blogger for"
Followers: 2,307
Sample tweet:!/JJFOX59SPORTS/status/189715488534827009

Name: Scott Agness
Twitter handle: @ScottAgness
Twitter profile: "Senior @ Indiana University, work for the Pacers, Fever; freelance work for BTN, IU Athletics. Founder of VigilantSports. Play-by-play announcer. Free Agent."
Followers: 1,191
Sample tweet:!/ScottAgness/status/189764091529793536

Name: John M
Twitter handle: @crimsonquarry
Twitter profile: "SB Nation blogger covering the Indiana Hoosiers."
Followers: 831
Sample tweet:!/crimsonquarry/status/182832043992944640

Name: Big Ten Network
Twitter handle: @BTN_Indiana
Twitter profile: "Indiana Hoosiers video & headlines from @BigTenNetwork."
Followers: 1,927
Sample tweet:!/BTN_Indiana/status/194169146051792900

Have a worthy Hoosier Twitter account that we missed? Leave it as a comment in the box below.

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