staff, September 8, 2011

BTN Live" is about to debut live tonight and we're looking forward to including viewer feedback like never before. Let's count the ways. You can comment on our BTN Facebook page or tweet directly at the show @BTNLive. You can vote in our weekly polls and you can call the show at (319) BIGTEN-1 and record an audio message that could be included in the show each week. While you're waiting for the show to air, listen to our Web-only Week 2 podcast right here.

Tonight on "BTN Live": Our hosts debate how conference expansion affects the Big Ten, and we take a look at the top five plays of Week 1. Later on after the show we'll post a few video clips, including any segment that use audio. Bookmark for any and all show-related posts. We're also rolling out a few new things each week, including a bonus live segment that will run on line after each TV show ends to extend the show for viewers.