John Tolley, December 20, 2019

Winter may be upon us. But we're keeping things hot by debuting a brand new round of BTN LiveBIG vignettes. These videos highlight the ambitious vision and sweeping impact that Big Ten universities have in fields ranging from healthcare to environmental issues to driving innovation.

Throughout the bowl and basketball season, we will be featuring these vignettes alongside our In-Game articles, which dive a little deeper into each story. They will also roll out for fans during BTN games and regular programming, on BTN- and university-run social media accounts and even on the occasional stadium jumbotron. Keep your eyes peeled.

Enjoy and feel free to share any and all of these amazing vignettes!


Illinois engineers use lasers to look inside the human body: LiveBIG 2019-20

Researchers at the University of Illinois are using laser engineering to improve disease diagnosis and revolutionize the field of pathology by imaging living tissue.


Indiana doctors, scientists go ?big? with Precision Health Initiative: LiveBIG 2019-20

Looking into a patient?s range of factors, from environmental to genetic, researchers and physicians at the Indiana University School of Medicine aim to create solutions for five common, but currently untreatable diseases.


Iowa AI looks for early indicators of diabetic retinopathy: LiveBIG 2019-20

With the first-ever FDA-approved diagnostic artificial intelligence tool, the University of Iowa-affiliated startup IDx gives those with diabetes expanded access to an important exam.


Maryland looks to make rooftop farms a matter-of-fact: LiveBIG 2019-20

With myriad benefits from rainwater sequestration to erosion control, researchers at the University of Maryland are working to make rooftop farms a common component of modern buildings


Michigan PAVEs the way for student-veteran success: LiveBIG 2019-20

The Peer Advisors for Veteran Education (PAVE) program - founded at the University of Michigan and now 37 campuses nationwide - utilizes the tight-knit bond of students with a military background to create a community of support and success.


A Michigan State lab studies the mechanics of the human body: LiveBIG 2019-20

Engineering students at Michigan State University?s Biomechanical Design Research Lab are using state-of-the-art equipment to better understand how the human body moves in order to design equipment that better serves those who need it.


Minnesota seeks to protect vital ecosystems with hungry bison: LiveBIG 2019-20

A herd of bison are at the heart of a University of Minnesota program that aims to reduce wildfire severity and preserve diverse oak savanna ecosystems.


This Nebraska device could help greatly reduce the severity of strokes: LiveBIG 2019-20

Like a neural form of CPR, University of Nebraska researchers have created a device that, through simple puffs of air applied to the face and hands, helps open new circulatory pathways in the critical few minutes after a stroke has occurred.


Inside a Northwestern innovation in 3D-printing: LiveBIG 2019-20

Northwestern University researchers have created a breakthrough method of 3D-printing that stands to revolutionize how a variety of products are prototyped, manufactured and stored.


Ohio State?s Mobile Design Lab hits the road: LiveBIG 2019-20

An unparalleled technology teaching tool, The Ohio State University?s digital flagship Mobile Design Lab is helping students and Ohioans learn more about digital skills such as coding and app development.


Penn State doctors turn to weather data, tools to trace infection in Africa: LiveBIG 2019-20

Pairing science and medicine, Penn State University researchers are using modern meteorological tools to help track and trace the origin of a variety of infections among newborns in developing countries.


Purdue vets help horses breathe easier: LiveBIG 2019-20

With implications beyond equine health, research veterinarians at Purdue University are digging deep into the root causes of wide-spread asthma in horses.


Rutgers center makes food dreams a reality: LiveBIG 2019-20

Serving entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans alike, the Food Innovation Center at Rutgers University helps develop new products from initial idea all the way to final packaging.


Wisconsin biomedical engineering students design life-saving device: LiveBIG 2019-20

Keeping airways open during pediatric surgery is of vital importance, which is why University of Wisconsin students created an effective device with immediate applicability in the operating room.