LiveBIG Staff, June 7, 2019

Summer is upon us, and we know that probably the last thing you want to think about is the school year. But, whether you?re a seasoned senior or an incoming freshman, it is never too late - or too early - to brush up on all that your Big Ten university has to offer.

So, we asked the experts from all fourteen universities to round up a list of can?t-miss items, from cool locations to creative programs, which students would be remiss in missing out on. Consider it your collegiate bucket list. If these are news to you, we hope you?re inspired to adventure. If you?ve already checked off a few of these, also great; please let us know in the comments below.




            Check out the world?s most unique collections, from largest to smallest 


Photo by Craig Chandler / University Communication.


Nebraska is home to the largest mounted mammoth in the world, and not only does he greet museumgoers, he gives luck to Nebraska students who touch his foot on the way to a final. Standing at 14 feet tall, Archie is the face of the University of Nebraska State Museum at Morrill Hall, an on-campus Smithsonian affiliate and natural history museum including everything from the world?s premier collection of fossil elephants to interactive paleontology exhibits to a planetarium. And in Cherish Nebraska-the museum?s new $11.4 million interactive, fourth-floor expansion-you?ll come face-to-face with a full-scale replica of a seven-foot-tall extinct bison species, digitally dissect a largemouth bass to identify parasites and learn how to survive an Ice Age.
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln also houses the world?s largest publicly-held quilt collection. With pieces from over 50 countries and spanning five decades, the International Quilt Study Center and Museum showcases an impressive expanding collection that represents quilts and quilt-making traditions, celebrating the cultural and artistic significance of quilts. The museum also hosts a number of events where you can take part in workshops, hear the stories from people in the community and screen documentaries.
Although the collection is large (20,000 pieces) the items within it are anything but. Nebraska?s College of Architecture is home to the Kruger Collection of Miniature Furnishings and Decorative Arts, which blends craft, creativity and history to provide samples from four centuries of interior design. 


Immerse yourself in culture 


Students celebrate Holi, the Indian festival of spring, colors and celebration. Students tossed colored corn starch into the air and onto each other on the Selleck volleyball courts. April 15, 2018. Photo by Alyssa Mae for University Communication.


You don?t have to travel far to experience different cultures from around the world. Student groups across campus host events year-round to recognize the different cultures at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Celebrate Latino culture at Fiesta on the Green; get colorful at Holi (pictured), the annual Hindu celebration of spring; experience Native American traditions with a powwow and cheer on members of the multicultural Greek organizations as they compete at the Stroll Off.



Take a sculpture tour 


Exterior shot of the Lied Center from in front of the Torn Notebook sculpture on 12th and Q Streets. September 24, 2018. Photo by Justin Mohling for University Communication.


You don?t have to be a student to enjoy the University of the Nebraska-Lincoln?s array of unique art. After a walk through Sheldon Museum of Art, save time to explore more than thirty monumental sculptures throughout Nebraska?s East and City campuses, including major works by Jun Kaneko, Gaston Lachaise and Jacques Lipchitz. From the 22-foot-tall Torn Notebook emblazoned with lyrical phrases about the scenic Midwest to Old Glory-which brings large red beams together in a symbol of the American flag-a walk through the campus sculpture gardens gives visitors the opportunity to further understand the art form and their contributions to society. 


Feed your passions through pop-ups 


A Husker takes time to master the finer points of drone piloting. Photo by Justin Mohling for University Communication.


Customize your class schedules with pop-up classes and mini courses offered where you can hone your skills and dabble in new territories. Learn to fly a drone, better understand the brain, start a podcast, find out how to nurture your talent, photograph the sandhill crane migration and get a taste of play-by-play coverage at the Huskers? spring football game.



Celebrate Arbor Day, a holiday born in Nebraska, with a visit to Maxwell Arboretum 


Students, faculty, staff and community members find welcome shade in the Arboretum.


With towering oaks and evergreens, planted over 50 years ago, Maxwell Arboretum boasts the greatest diversity of plant species on East Campus. Get some shade in the gazebo, study or have lunch amongst the trees or take the winding paths to explore uncommon and beautiful trees and shrubs scattered throughout the arboretum.



– University of Nebraska-Lincoln Office of University Communication