staff, August 21, 2018

BTN announced the 2018-19 Big Ten men's basketball conference schedule Tuesday afternoon, and the full slate, which starts Friday, Nov. 30 and includes 20 games for every team, can be found below.

Friday, November 30
Wisconsin at Iowa
Michigan State at Rutgers

Saturday, December 1
Northwestern at Indiana
Penn State at Maryland
Purdue at Michigan

Sunday, December 2
Illinois at Nebraska
Minnesota at Ohio State

Monday, December 3
Iowa at Michigan State
Rutgers at Wisconsin

Tuesday, December 4
Michigan at Northwestern
Indiana at Penn State

Wednesday, December 5
Ohio State at Illinois (at United Center, Chicago)
Nebraska at Minnesota

Thursday, December 6
Maryland at Purdue

Wednesday, January 2
Nebraska at Maryland
Northwestern at Michigan State

Thursday, January 3
Illinois at Indiana
Penn State at Michigan
Iowa at Purdue
Minnesota at Wisconsin

Saturday, January 5
Michigan State at Ohio State
Maryland at Rutgers

Sunday, January 6
Nebraska at Iowa
Indiana at Michigan
Illinois at Northwestern
Wisconsin at Penn State

Tuesday, January 8
Purdue at Michigan State
Maryland at Minnesota

Wednesday, January 9
Iowa at Northwestern
Ohio State at Rutgers

Thursday, January 10
Michigan at Illinois
Penn State at Nebraska

Friday, January 11
Indiana at Maryland
Purdue at Wisconsin

Saturday, January 12
Ohio State at Iowa
Rutgers at Minnesota

Sunday, January 13
Northwestern at Michigan
Michigan State at Penn State

Monday, January 14
Nebraska at Indiana
Wisconsin at Maryland

Tuesday, January 15
Rutgers at Purdue

Wednesday, January 16
Minnesota at Illinois
Iowa at Penn State

Thursday, January 17
Michigan State at Nebraska

Friday, January 18
Maryland at Ohio State
Northwestern at Rutgers

Saturday, January 19
Penn State at Minnesota
Indiana at Purdue
Michigan at Wisconsin

Sunday, January 20
Illinois at Iowa

Monday, January 21
Maryland at Michigan State
Nebraska at Rutgers

Tuesday, January 22
Minnesota at Michigan
Indiana at Northwestern

Wednesday, January 23
Wisconsin at Illinois
Purdue at Ohio State

Thursday, January 24
Michigan State at Iowa

Friday, January 25
Michigan at Indiana

Saturday, January 26
Illinois at Maryland (at Madison Square Garden, New York)
Ohio State at Nebraska
Rutgers at Penn State
Northwestern at Wisconsin

Sunday, January 27
Iowa at Minnesota
Michigan State at Purdue

Tuesday, January 29
Northwestern at Maryland
Ohio State at Michigan
Wisconsin at Nebraska

Wednesday, January 30
Illinois at Minnesota
Indiana at Rutgers

Thursday, January 31
Purdue at Penn State

Friday, February 1
Michigan at Iowa
Maryland at Wisconsin

Saturday, February 2
Nebraska at Illinois
Indiana at Michigan State
Rutgers at Ohio State

Sunday, February 3
Minnesota at Purdue

Monday, February 4
Penn State at Northwestern

Tuesday, February 5
Michigan State at Illinois
Michigan at Rutgers

Wednesday, February 6
Wisconsin at Minnesota
Maryland at Nebraska

Thursday, February 7
Iowa at Indiana
Penn State at Ohio State

Saturday, February 9
Rutgers at Illinois
Wisconsin at Michigan
Minnesota at Michigan State
Nebraska at Purdue

Sunday, February 10
Ohio State at Indiana
Northwestern at Iowa

Tuesday, February 12
Purdue at Maryland
Michigan at Penn State
Michigan State at Wisconsin

Wednesday, February 13
Minnesota at Nebraska
Rutgers at Northwestern

Thursday, February 14
Illinois at Ohio State

Saturday, February 16
Maryland at Michigan
Indiana at Minnesota
Northwestern at Nebraska
Penn State at Purdue
Iowa at Rutgers

Sunday, February 17
Ohio State at Michigan State

Monday, February 18
Illinois at Wisconsin

Tuesday, February 19
Purdue at Indiana
Maryland at Iowa
Nebraska at Penn State

Wednesday, February 20
Rutgers at Michigan State
Northwestern at Ohio State

Thursday, February 21
Michigan at Minnesota

Friday, February 22
Indiana at Iowa

Saturday, February 23
Penn State at Illinois
Ohio State at Maryland
Purdue at Nebraska
Wisconsin at Northwestern

Sunday, February 24
Michigan State at Michigan
Minnesota at Rutgers

Tuesday, February 26
Wisconsin at Indiana
Iowa at Ohio State

Wednesday, February 27
Maryland at Penn State
Illinois at Purdue

Thursday, February 28
Nebraska at Michigan
Minnesota at Northwestern

Saturday, March 2
Michigan State at Indiana
Rutgers at Iowa
Ohio State at Purdue
Penn State at Wisconsin

Sunday, March 3
Northwestern at Illinois
Michigan at Maryland

Tuesday, March 5
Nebraska at Michigan State
Purdue at Minnesota

Wednesday, March 6
Ohio State at Northwestern
Penn State at Rutgers

Thursday, March 7
Indiana at Illinois
Iowa at Wisconsin

Friday, March 8
Minnesota at Maryland

Saturday, March 9
Michigan at Michigan State
Purdue at Northwestern

Sunday, March 10
Rutgers at Indiana
Iowa at Nebraska
Wisconsin at Ohio State
Illinois at Penn State

All dates subject to change