John Tolley, March 30, 2018

We love our Instagram account. Sharing photos and videos of the amazing students, faculty, staff, alumni, research, campuses and all-around awesomeness of Big Ten universities could fill our day.

But there comes a time when we need to step back. Why, you ask? So that our friends from our favorite universities can step in and show us how they shine. That?s right, it?s #Takeover time.

This spring and coming fall we?re passing our password on to the social media wizards at each university to do with what they wish for a whole week. They?ll be digging deep to bring you a behind-the-scenes, insider?s guide to the daily happenings that make their school second to none.

Kicking things off April 1 - 7 is Indiana University. Below is a brief rundown of what to expect from the #Hoosiers.


Sunday, April 1: Welcome to Indiana University! Take in some of the campus? natural beauty and see for yourself why it frequently makes lists highlighting the prettiest U.S. college campuses. Takeover captain: IU Communications? ?Team Social.?


Monday, April 2: IU is home to numerous buildings featuring Indiana limestone. Follow Brian Keith, from the Indiana Geological Survey, as he takes you on a tour of some of the most stunning buildings on campus. Takeover captain: Brian Keith, Indiana Geological Survey.


Tuesday, April 3: The Cuban Center for Sports Media and Technology continues to evolve IU?s storied journalism program. From 3-D broadcasts to virtual reality, this center is on the cutting edge. Takeover captain: Student Britnee Gilbert.


Wednesday, April 4: It?s almost time for the Jacobs School of Music?s production of ?West Side Story.? Go behind-the-scenes at a dress rehearsal with our guide, Jennie Moser. Takeover captain: Graduate student Jennie Moser.


Thursday, April 5: The first Thursday of each month, IU plays host to a festival showcasing the diversity of arts and humanities throughout the Bloomington community. Takeover captain: Caitlin Qua with the IU Arts & Humanities Council.


Friday, April 6: Students from the School of Art, Architecture & Design will take you behind-the-scenes for their spring fashion show. Takeover captain: TBD.


Saturday, April 7: IU?s Team Social caps off the week at the 7th Annual Traditional Powwow, which features traditional Native American dance sessions, exhibitions, and singing, craft vendors, informational booths, and food. Takeover captain: IU Communications? ?Team Social.?