Associated Press, September 25, 2017

(AP) Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer agree on one thing – something needs to be done about lousy locker rooms for visiting football teams in the Big Ten.

Harbaugh complained Monday about the facilities at Purdue's Ross-Ade Stadium, where the Wolverines topped Purdue 28-10 on Saturday. He wants the Big Ten to investigate and develop some standards for space, cleanliness, technology and comfort for visitors.

"I'm not putting this on Purdue," Harbaugh said. "This is league-wide. It needs to be addressed by the league. It needs to be addressed by the commissioner, and we're going to lead the way."

Meyer says his team has encountered "a couple" problems with substandard locker rooms on the road. And he agreed the Big Ten needs some locker room reform.

Purdue, of course, responded to the criticism.

"Purdue regards the welfare of all student-athletes as its No. 1 priority. We would fully support a conversation regarding a conference-wide set of guidelines because we have experienced less-than-ideal conditions on the road."

Watch Harbaugh discuss the issue in the video above, and read Purdue's full response below.