Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, August 9, 2017

One thing most college football fans can agree on is that surprise scholarship videos never get old.

Minnesota and new coach P.J. Fleck nailed the latest entry, this one rewarding kicker Justin Juenemann.

This scholarship video had it all. There was a t-shirt gun, a special guest, a little bit of humor/confusion and, of course, a lot of emotion.

Kyle, a patient at the University of Minnesota's children's hospital, was on the t-shirt gun, shooting the shirt across the room and right into Juenemann's hands. Juenemann, who has visited Kyle at the hospital, didn't sense anything out of the ordinary, until he finally looked at the message on the shirt: "Justin Congrats On Earning A Scholarship."

The team erupted, per usual, and then it was time for Juenemann to share the news with his mother.

Watch the full video above.