John Tolley, July 16, 2017

Summer Discovery Cruises

(Michigan State University Extension)

If you?re looking for us this summer and you can?t find us, there?s a chance we?re on a cruise.

A Summer Discovery Cruise, that is.

Every summer the Michigan State University Extension, in conjunction with partners including the Michigan Sea Grant and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, offers a series of entertaining and educational cruises for those interested in exploring the Detroit River, Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.

Launching in late June aboard the E/V Clinton, early Summer Discovery Cruises navigate the waterways around Detroit, as expert guides illuminate the stunning nature and wild history of the area. Bald eagles soar over ore freighters on waters that were once crossed by rum runners and bootleggers during prohibition.

The MSU Extension also partners with groups like the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge to highlight the ecological impact that heavy industry has had on the area lakes and rivers and how efforts to correct those past mistakes are bringing back a natural balance.

Down river from Detroit, the Clinton spends half of its summer cruising season on Lake Erie. Nighttime excursions offer a rare peek into nocturnal navigation and stunning views of the night sky away from light pollution on land. Educators also have the opportunity to set sail on one of two exclusive tours designed to help them build lesson plans concerning Great Lakes ecology, conservation and wildlife.

With over 20 different themes, the Summer Discovery Cruise series lasts through mid-August. Tickets can be booked here.