Alex Roux, editor, June 30, 2017

As we move into July and the holiday weekend, the Take Ten Podcast keeps rolling along.

On Episode 7 of the show I was joined by former Wisconsin basketball player Ben Brust, who broke into the podcast game around the same time as me as a co-host of The Fundamentally Sound Podcast. Check it out. You can also follow Ben on Twitter @BenBrust.

Ben and I discussed a ton of stuff throughout the hour-plus segment, including breakdowns of his former teammates Nigel Hayes and Bronson Koenig as they hope to break into the NBA after going undrafted. Other topics include Ben's emerging career in media, his golf game with Frank Kaminsky and Aaron Rodgers and the future of Wisconsin basketball.



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Listen to the entire interview with Brust in the SoundCloud player above, in the playlist player below, or on any of the online listening platforms linked above. If you can't listen to the entire show, I've pulled some of the more noteworthy snippets below. Enjoy.

(Skip to 3:30) On the Podcast he now hosts with Barstool Sports blogger Reags, the Fundamentally Sound Podcast.

(10:17) On how podcasting is just a part of his emerging foray into entertainment, as he?s begun to put a media reel together. One of his latest gigs included acting in a commercial that airs all across Wisconsin.

(20:00) On his former Wisconsin teammates Nigel Hayes and Bronson Koenig going undrafted in last week?s NBA Draft and how they might fare in their professional careers.

(27:00) On Nigel Hayes? and Bronson Koenig?s personalities and impacts off the court during their time at Wisconsin, and how Bronson put his work ethic on display in a recent Players? Tribune article.

(37:50) On if there?s anything behind the notion that college players should leave for the NBA Draft before risking hitting their ceiling in college and falling out of the Draft as upperclassmen. Plus, which undrafted Big Ten players besides Hayes and Koenig have the best chances to make NBA rosters.

(41:50) On the ongoing trend of athletes? hilariously embarrassing tweets surfacing from when they were younger.

(52:05) On golfing recently at Andy North?s golf outing with former teammate Frank Kaminsky and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

(55:35) On his favorite place to eat in Madison during his time at Wisconsin.

(57:36) On his reaction to Robbie Hummel?s hysterical story about Bo Ryan and Evan Turner, which Hummel told on the Take Ten Podcast on a previous episode.

(1:05:47) On how he thinks Wisconsin basketball will fare next season without Nigel Hayes, Bronson Koenig, Vitto Brown and Zak Showalter.