Alex Roux, editor, December 14, 2016

"Wake up, Mom. We gotta go to Champaign."


Those are the words that Delshawn Phillips, Lovie Smith's latest football commit at Illinois, used to coax his mom out of slumber as he placed an Illini hat on her head.

The four-star junior college linebacker out of Garden City Community College tweeted a video Wednesday evening that simultaneously announced his Illinois commitment to his groggy mother and the rest of the world.

In a world where recruits announce their college commitments with ever-increasing levels of intricacy and pageantry, Phillips certainly gets points for creativity. If there was ever an acceptable time to wake someone up from a nap, it looks like he found it in the video below.


Phillips is expected to contribute immediately on defense for the Illini next season as Smith continues to rebuild the program.

As his mom says, "Champaign it is."