John Tolley, November 30, 2016

The University of Iowa is a school of storied traditions. From Old Gold to the Old Capitol, from Herky to the Tiger Hawk, the university by the banks of the Iowa River has long been a beacon of pride.

But the traditions of Iowa aren?t limited to emblems of school spirit. The Hawkeyes have equally strong traditions of academic rigor, groundbreaking research, and service. Whether bringing healthcare to the people that need it most or illuminating the power of the printed page, the students, faculty, and alumni of the University of Iowa build on these traditions to improve the world around them.

Join us as we take a look back at our favorite University of Iowa vignettes from 2016.

Iowa's Center for the Book borrows pages from the past: BTN LiveBIG

Did you know time travel is possible at the University of Iowa?

No, the school doesn?t have something that could have come out of an H.G. Wells novel, a device with the ability to send human beings back to a specific year long before the present. But Iowa?s Center for the Book offers sensory experiences that can transport people to an age that predates Guttenberg?s invention of the printing press in the 15th century.

Iowa students brighten smiles across the state: BTN LiveBIG

?One of the mottos of the pediatric department at the University of Iowa is that kids? first dental experience should be the highlight of their day,? dental student David Knight explained. ?So our goal is to try to get the kids to have a lot of fun and introduce them to dentistry in a way that they look at it as something good, rather than something that?s scary.?


Iowa program encourages kids to 'Listen and Speak Up': BTN LiveBIG

?Camden was born deaf,? says Hutson. ?We ended up doing four surgeries to have his cochlear implants put in. We were lucky enough to be invited, a couple years ago, to an event at the University of Iowa called Focus. [It] allowed us to see what services he really needed. That?s how we found out about the program, Listen and Speak Up.?


Hawkeyes get inspirational leadership from 'Captains': BTN LiveBIG

?It just puts it all in perspective,? said Kirk Ferentz of the Kid Captains. ?When you think about the positive attitude, the courage that they show, that their families show, it?s really inspiring. To have a chance to maybe share a little joy in someone else?s life, that?s a good thing.?