Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, October 25, 2016

In the series premiere of "Sports Lite," host Mike Hall and Wisconsin star Corey Clement combined on an entertaining back-and-forth about the pronunciation of the running back's surname.

Was it CLA-MENT or Cle-ment, like "clementine?"

Clement insisted it was the latter, despite Hall telling the senior that he had told BTN employees it was the former, to which the star running back said, "I might have fumbled it a little bit."

Well, on Monday night's "BTN Live," Hall interviewed Clement about his 35-carry, 134-yard effort in Week 8 at rival Iowa, and the humorous topic was addressed again.

"I think I'm mispronouncing my last name, thanks to you," Clement said. "It's messing me up sometimes. I have to talk to my mom – it's like mom, "What's our last name, how do you say it?'"

Watch the clip in the video above, and relive the "Sports Lite" feature below.