staff, October 25, 2016

This week on "The Journey: Big Ten Football 2016" we take you inside one of the most intense flag football games you'll ever see.


It's the (mostly) annual Rusty Toolbox game, the flag football clash between the Iowa and Wisconsin football managers.

Wisconsin has dominated in recent years but Iowa had high hopes. The game is usually played the Friday night before the schools' two football teams take the field in full pads on Saturday.

It's a physical game and players have plenty of stories about stitches and ER visits.

"There have been punches thrown after games because teams were upset ," Iowa senior football Brock Baumert said. "We've had torn ACLs practicing for gasmes, we've had torn ACLs in the games."

Also in the upcoming show, our production team introduces you to Northwestern wide receiver Austin Carr as we learn about his path from walk-on to one of the top receivers in the Big Ten. Northwestern had quite a weekend.

We also go to Champaign and meet offensive lineman Gabe Megginson, a homegrown product and a key part of the Illini?s future. He's quite a personality.

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Oh, and here are the highlights from the Rusty Toolbox game this season.