staff, October 22, 2016


Well, that was fairly incredible.

Marty Turco, Brendan Morrison and Mike Legg all played hockey at Michigan and were members of the 1996 national championship team.

All three returned to Michigan Friday night to take part in festivities around the Wolverines hockey game. In between periods, the former stars took to the ice for the Meijer Score-O puck shooting contest. Standing between the faceoffs circles at the far end of the ice, each player took aim at the small slot in front of the other net.

Turco stepped up and made the shot. The crowd cheered.

Morrison stepped up and made the shot. The crowd cheered again.

Then it was Legg's turn.

As a college player in an era long before Twitter, YouTube or Facebook, Legg made national headlines when he made an unconventionl lacrosse-style goal in a hockey game against Minnesota.

See that old goal in the YouTube video below. And here.

As an homage to that moment and eyeing the Meijer Score-O net, Legg curled the puck once again onto his stick and bounce the puck down the ice.

And like Turco's and Morrisson's shots, it went in. And the crowd went wild.