Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer, October 5, 2016

Ohio State has been a juggernaut coming out of the gate and looks like the team to beat in the Big Ten and a legit national title contender. The Buckeyes are clicking in every phase of the game, jetting to a 4-0 start and winning games by an average of 47.7 points.


Will Ohio State, which is No. 1 in the Big Ten in scoring offense (57.0 ppg) and No. 1 in scoring defense (9.3 ppg), lose a regular-season game?

I asked some media members who cover the league.

Robin Washut, At this point, it?s hard to say ?yes.? I look at the final game vs. Michigan as the most likely chance for a loss, but even then I expect the Buckeyes to win out. As they say in ?Game of Thrones,? OSU is the king of the north right now.

Marc Morehouse, Cedar Rapids Gazette. No. Urban Meyer is my generation's Woody Hayes. There's one expectation at Ohio State and Meyer has the bus in gear toward the destination 24-7, 365. Yes, OSU has advantages, but those come with expectations. Meyer hasn't flinched.

John Borton, It's entirely possible, and I'm leaning towards ?yes,? despite the machine they're looking like right now. Wisconsin's defense will slow them down in Madison, and if the Badgers get a break or two that could be a close one. And the last game of the regular season, while in Columbus, will be a challenge.

Ryan Dunleavy, Basically, this is a question of who wins the Michigan-Ohio State game since I can't imagine either losing before then. I'll take Ohio State's explosiveness on both sides of the ball, so no, I don't think OSU will lose a regular-season game. Right now, I'd be surprised if it lost a postseason game either.

Zach Osterman, No. I don?t see Ohio State losing. I am too much a fan of J.T. Barrett in about a thousand different ways.