staff, September 30, 2016

It's Week 5 of the Big Ten football season and we've got four of the seven Big Ten games on BTN & BTN2Go.

Noon  Rutgers at Ohio State 410 Hopper: 405-1 610 650 (HD: 1650) HD: 585 (SD: 85)
3:30 p.m.  Minnesota at Penn State 410 Hopper: 405-1 610 650 (HD: 1650) HD: 585 (SD: 85)
3:30 p.m.  Minnesota at Penn State (backup alternate) n/a 610-2 (SD) 692 (HD: 1692) n/a
3:30 p.m.  Purdue at Maryland 588 Hopper (HD/SD): 405-2 610-1 691 (HD: 1691) 330
8 p.m.  Michigan State at Indiana 410 Hopper: 405-1 610 650 (HD: 1650) HD: 585 (SD: 85)


All BTN games and shows are on BTN2Go, which delivers live and on-demand programming via the web as well as to iPhone, iPad and Android users. It's also on Roku and Google Chromecast, and it's available to subscribers of participating TV providers.

The ?Extra Football Game Channels? are only available to BTN TV during the football Saturdays because of capacity issues with our cable and satellite providers. The non-conference basketball season overlaps with dozens of other sporting events, including NHL, NBA and other regional football and basketball games. Therefore, our cable and satellite partners are unable to offer this space to us, even though our Extra Football Game Channels may still continue to appear on your channel guide. During the conference portion of the basketball season, the Big Ten schedules games in such a way where there is no need for ?Extra Football Game Channels.?

Additional resources
You can read answers to all of our frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. Specifically…

Q: I want to know more about these "extra football game channels." What are they?
A: These "extra" channels are part-time channels that the Big Ten Network provides to cable, satellite and telco systems which allow the network to offer multiple football games simultaneously to viewers. You probably never even notice them except on game days. Get more info on extra football game channels right here.

Q: Do I get these extra channels on my TV?
A: The GameFinder application above should tell you. Enter your zip code. But here's some more information.

Q: I can't find an answer to my question and I still want to send an e-mail directly to the BTN right now. How do I do that?
A: Go directly to our BTN contact page. We read every piece of mail as fast as we can, so please be as specific as possible and choose the relevant categories.

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