Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, July 27, 2016

When discussing the Big Ten's most freakish athletes, Jabrill Peppers and Saquon Barkley's names enter the discussion early on.

Not only can the do-it-all Michigan linebacker and athletic Penn State running back drop jaws every fall Saturday, but they can do some impressive work in the weight room.

Bruce Feldman knows this, and the columnist included both Big Ten standout in his popular annual "Freaks" post.

Peppers comes in at No. 10 and Barkley at No. 9 in Feldman's top 20 list.

Here's a portion of what the columnist says about both players:

No. 10 Jabrill Peppers. A former state 100- and 200-meter champion from New Jersey, the 6-1, 208-pound Peppers has been the ultimate X-factor guy for the Wolverines and could be an even bigger factor in new DC Don Brown?s scheme.


No. 9 Saquon Barkley. Coming off a dazzling freshman season, Barkley has a lot of folks excited to see just how far he can help lead the Nittany Lions.

See Feldman's full take on both players.

Feldman also includes former Iowa wide receiver Derrick Willies, now at Texas Tech, at No. 19.