Sean Merriman, web editor, July 12, 2016

College football fans can always rely on Reddit for a fun-filled football article every couple of months.

The popular social news website recently released an article on the most popular college football teams by state. Reddit polled college football fans to gather their information for the article, which is actually full of surprises.

In total, seven Big Ten football teams appear on the graphic, which can be seen at the top of this post.

Michigan: Michigan Wolverines
Ohio: Ohio State Buckeyes
Illinois: Illinois Fighting Illini
Iowa: Iowa Hawkeyes
Minnesota: Minnesota Gophers
Nebraska: Nebraska Huskers
Wisconsin: Wisconsin Badgers

Big Ten schools left off the list: Indiana, Purdue, Maryland, Penn State, Michigan State, Rutgers, Northwestern.

Check out the fan polling results in Big Ten states:

Illinois Stats

70.6% Illinois
14.2% Northwestern
11.1% NIU
4.1% Other
531 Total responses

Indiana Stats

32.3% Notre Dame
31.4% Indiana
20.3% Purdue
16% Other
425 Total responses

Iowa Stats

44.3% Iowa
38.8 Iowa State
12.3 Northern Iowa
4.5% Drake
398 Total responses

Maryland Stats

63.4% Navy
25.7% Maryland
10.9% Other
192 Total responses

Michigan Stats

59.2% Michigan
28.8% Michigan State
12% Other
921 Total responses

Minnesota Stats

69.1% Minnesota
30.9% Other
136 Total responses

Nebraska Stats

71.7% Nebraska
10.2% Nebraska-Kearney
9.9% Wayne State
8.2% Chadron State
304 Total responses

New Jersey Stats

43.6% Princeton
40.3% Rutgers
8.9% Monmouth
7.2% Fairleigh Dickinson
238 Total responses

Ohio Stats

33.2% Ohio State
21.3% Cincinnati
16.4% Ohio
6.6% Toledo
22.5% Other
491 Total responses

Pennsylvania Stats

59% Temple
25.1% Penn State
15.9% Pittsburgh
478 Total responses

Wisconsin Stats

64.3% Wisconsin
26.6% Wisconsin-Whitewater
9.1% Other
264 Total responses