Sean Merriman, web editor, June 15, 2016

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh says he is fully onboard with renewing the Michigan vs. Notre Dame football series.

According to ESPN's Josh Moyer, Harbaugh had the following to say when asked about the rivalry.

"[It's] something that's been worked on for many months — going on seven, eight, nine months now — and still some T's to cross and I's to dot. But I've been onboard fully since the inception."

This has been one of the best series' throughout all of college football, with so many great moments.

With that said, I took a look back at the best moments from this series over the past decade.

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2011: Denard Robinson finds Roy Roundtree for the game-winning 16-yard touchdown with two seconds left to seal the 35-31 win for the Wolverines

2009: Greg Mathews game-winning touchdown catch leads Michigan to a 38-34 win over Notre Dame

2010: Denard Robinson runs in the game-winning score as part of his 502-yard performance in the Wolverines' 28-24 win over the Irish

2013: Devin Gardner finds Drew Dileo for the game-winning score as Michigan beats Notre Dame, 41-30

2011: Jeremy Gallon 64-yard reception sets up the game-winning score for the Wolverines

2011: Denard Robinson finds Junior Hemingham for a 43-yard touchdown to put Michigan on the scoreboard

2013: Jeremy Gallons breaks free for a 61-yard touchdown for Michigan