LiveBIG Staff, June 12, 2016

[btn-post-package]The Big Ten Conference made quite a mark on the Peace Corps last year, as evidenced by the organization?s tally of volunteers by alma mater in 2015.

Eight of the top 25 large universities (those with more than 15,000 undergraduates) were from the B1G, and the conference accounted for half of the top 10. Moreover, the University of Michigan was second on the list of volunteer-producing graduate schools.

Wisconsin and Michigan are second- and fourth-place, respectively, on the list of all-time undergraduate volunteers (since 1961).

Here?s a look at where Big Ten universities placed in 2015:

2. Wisconsin (68 undergraduate volunteers)
3. Minnesota (59; tied with the University of Florida)
6. Michigan (48)
7. Indiana (47)
10. Ohio State (42)
11. Maryland (41)
16. Illinois (35; tied with four other schools)
22. Michigan State (33; tied with Arizona State)