LiveBIG Staff, June 11, 2016

Bold. Brilliant. Benevolent.

Or, in a word, Buckeyes.

[btn-post-package]Across the country, people often think ?sports powerhouse? when they think of The Ohio State University. And make no mistake: The school?s earned that reputation by winning the first-ever playoff for the college football national championship last year and turning in several outstanding performances on the gridiron and in several other sports for several decades now.

But those who are part of this close-knit community - whether they live in Columbus, Colorado Springs or Corpus Christi - know that OSU has more to offer than top-notch athletics. Much more.

Here are some recent stories from LiveBIG?s Ohio State ?highlight reel.?

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An artist's rendering of what this phenomenon would look like from 10,000 light years away. Source: Beijing Planetarium/Jin Ma

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