LiveBIG Staff, June 6, 2016

[btn-post-package]A trailblazing African-American basketball player who grew up in the segregated South. A virtuoso musician who contributed several tunes to the Great American Songbook. A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who changed the way war correspondents work, and died on the frontlines doing it. An author who wrote one of the most popular series of novels for young people in history.

Walt Bellamy, Hoagy Carmichael, Ernie Pyle and Suzanne Collins might have led substantially different lives, but they?ve got two things in common: They made a huge mark on their respective fields, and they graduated from Indiana University.

Hoosiers continue to make an impact on the world in distinct ways, as demonstrated by these recent LiveBIG stories on Indiana students, alumni, faculty and staff:

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Indiana's Joel Washington with his portrait of jazz great Miles Davis. Photo courtesy of Joel Washington.

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