Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, May 29, 2016

BTN announcers Kevin Kugler and Danan Hughes debated the best catch of the 2016 Big Ten Baseball Tournament midway through the Ohio State-Michigan State semifinal Sunday morning.

The two catches discussed were Minnesota CF Dan Motl and Michigan State RF Dan Chmielewski's all-out diving grabs.

Both were extremely impressive plays, the first of the over-the-head variety (watch it) and the second of the diving-near-the-foul-line variety (watch it).

The debate made its way to Twitter, to the point that we decided to leave it up to the Big Ten fans. We synced the plays in the video above and provided a hashtag (#BestCatch), and you told us your favorite.

Scroll through the responses.

Funny thing happened, though. A few innings later, Ohio State RF Tre' Gantt made a terrific feet-leaving grab of his own.

Watch Gantt's grab in the video below.