staff, May 15, 2016

Barack Obama delivered the commencement speech Sunday afternoon at Rutgers.

It was a special occasion, as it marked the university's first presidential commencement, coming on its 250th anniversary celebration.

Obama speaking to a Big Ten graduating class is nothing new. The President gave the commencement speech at Michigan and Ohio State in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

Some 50,000 students and their families packed High Point Solution Stadium for the ceremony. The university's leaders lobbied the President for years to come to campus for the school's 250th anniversary, and he made light of the overtures.

The university also bestowed an honorary law degree on the president, add to the half-dozen or so other honorary degrees that the Columbia and Harvard Law School Obama has received.

Hear Obama's opening remarks in the tweet above, and watch some other highlights in the tweets below.

— The Associate Press contributed to this story.