Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 25, 2016

After another strong all-around performance vs. Houston in the NBA playoffs Sunday, former Michigan State star Draymond Green faced an odd question in the postgame press conference.

It was an awkward and insensitive query, something trying to relate Golden State's success from the 3-point line (it made a single-game playoff record 21 treys) to the tragic flooding that has hit Houston.

Green, the 2012 Big Ten Player of the Year, nailed his response.

See part of it below, and watch the full question and answer in the video above.

"People are losing their homes, losing their cars, losing their lives, losing loved ones. And you're trying to get a controversial statement out of me about the 3s we're hitting. I know what you're getting at, but you're not getting that out of me. It - it sucks. If I was from Houston, I'd do anything I can to help the city out, and I'm sure some of those guys (the Rockets) are going to do what they can to help the city out.

"It sucks. Stop trying to do that. That's not cool, man. You keep asking me the same question about this flood. These people are losing their lives, brother. Losing their homes. Don't ask me that no more. Because it ain't cool, and you're not getting the statement you want out of me. That's not cool, man. Stop doing that."

What he said.

Green hit four of Golden State's playoff record 21 triples and finished with 18 points, eight rebounds and six assists to help the Warriors claim a 3-1 series advantage.