Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, March 23, 2016

So, the latest drama in the heated Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is an interesting one.

Here's the full timeline, if you missed any of it the last 24-plus hours:

Tuesday afternoon: Ohio State AD Gene Smith, while at a soccer press conference, was asked about the possibility of the football team taking a portion of a future spring practice to Florida, as rival Michigan did this earlier month. Smith shot the idea down, saying, "If we were jump starting our program, I'd probably try to do that too."

Tuesday night: After hours of speculation that Smith's comment was a jab at the rival Wolverines, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, clearly taking it was a jab, sent out the provocative tweet below.

Wednesday morning: Smith went to Twitter to apologize to Michigan student-athletes and "good friend" and Michigan AD Warde Manuel, ending the apology with the following: "We at OSU look forward to continuing the greatest rivalry in collegiate football."

Read Smith's first apology tweet at the top of the post and the second one below.

Well said, Mr. Smith. And with that, this feud should be put to sleep.