Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 23, 2016

Fourth graders at Scottish Corners Elementary School in Dublin, Ohio, received an interesting lesson about law and courts Monday.

The hypothetical case presented to the children involved, of all people, Ohio State's Urban Meyer and Braxton Miller and Michigan's Jim Harbaugh.

Even weirder: Miller and Harbaugh are "friends" in the hypothetical case, and the former is conspiring to help the rival Wolverines steal Ohio State's plays. There's more: Meyer knows about the friendship, plus he has proof that his former star sent Harbaugh a letter.

Harbaugh and Miller weren't on the same page about the letter. Harbaugh said Miller was just sending him a congratulations note, while Miller insists he was just sharing his mother's recipe for oatmeal cookies.

Can't make this stuff up, Big Ten fans.

Anyone else think it's odd an Ohio school is making Miller look like the bad guy in this hypothetical case?