Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 22, 2016

Two weeks remain in the Big Ten men's basketball regular season.

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Indiana is atop the standings, but there's a logjam behind it. Iowa sits a half-game off the pace, and Maryland is one game out.

Interesting twist: The Hoosiers' final two games are, you guessed it, against Iowa (Iowa City) and Maryland (Bloomington).

So, most likely, this thing is going to come down to the final weekend, perhaps the final day of the season.

Here's a breakdown of the top contenders' remaining schedules:

INDIANA (12-3)
at Illinois (4-10)
at Iowa (11-3)
vs. Maryland (11-4)
Opponents' B1G record: 26-17 (.605)


IOWA (11-3)
vs. Wisconsin (9-5)
at Ohio State (10-5)
vs. Indiana (12-3)
at Michigan (9-6)
Opponents' B1G record: 40-19 (.678)


at Purdue (9-6)
vs. Illinois (4-10)
at Indiana (12-3)
Opponents' B1G record: 25-19 (.568)


Takeway: All three of the top contenders have a grueling final stretch, none tougher than Iowa. The Hawkeyes' "easiest" game, as far as opponent's record, is at 9-6 Michigan. Not exactly a cupcake.

Meanwhile, Indiana and Maryland both get to play 4-10 Illinois.

Iowa does get the benefit of two home games, albeit vs. Wisconsin and Indiana, compared to one for Indiana and Maryland.


Like chaos? There's still time for it, so let's take a look further down the standings, where Ohio State and Michigan State/Wisconsin are two and 2.5 games out, respectively.

Here are those teams' remaining schedules:

vs. Michigan State (9-5)
vs. Iowa (11-3)
at Michigan State (9-5)
Opponents' B1G record: 29-13 (.690)


at Ohio State (10-5)
vs. Penn State (5-9)
at Rutgers (0-14)
vs. Ohio State (10-5)
Opponents' B1G record: 25-33 (.431)


at Iowa (11-3)
vs. Michigan (9-6)
at Minnesota (1-13)
at Purdue (9-6)
Opponents' B1G record: 30-28 (.517)