staff, February 11, 2016

Heading into the 2016 Big Ten men's and women's lacrosse seasons, BTN's Mike Wolf talked with a coach and player from each of the six men's and women's teams earlier this month.

We've collected them in a handy YouTube playlist in this post. Remember: Use the menu icon in the upper left of the YouTube video player below to expand the list of available videos. Moving forward, use the Big Ten Network's deep YouTube page at, or the actual Big Ten lacrosse playlist page for more highlights and news videos.

Here are links to the team schedules for the men's teams.

Here are links to the women's team schedules.

Also, here is the schedule of upcoming men's lacrosse on BTN2Go. And here is the women's schedule. Use those schedule pages all season long to get the full slate of available games. If you're on Twitter, follow @LaxOnBTN for news and updates all season, too. That's a great place to get selected in-game highlights form men's and women's lacrosse games that air on BTN platforms. Al;so, follow BTN's Wolf (@miketwolf).

And, finally, here are the videos.