Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 3, 2016

There was a lot of star power at Michigan's "Signing of the Stars" extravaganza Wednesday.

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None, perhaps, was bigger and brighter than former Michigan quarterback and current NFL megastar/future Hall of Famer Tom Brady.

Brady received more than his share of applause at the signing day event that helped raise awareness for #ChadTough.

"They love you here, Tom," Jim Harbaugh said, as Brady met the crowd.

"I love them," Brady responded. "This is a special place."

Brady talked about his recruiting (Hint: It was a lot different back then), the adjustment for a California kid coming to Michigan, and the importance of Harbaugh in Ann Arbor, among other topics.

Yes, if you're wondering, the former Michigan signal-caller still follows the Wolverines.

"I watch every single game," Brady said. "I follow it on the plane. I think our biggest recruiting day was last year when we got Coach Harbaugh back."