staff, January 31, 2016

Michigan State's Magic Johnson

The debates pop up all the time. "Who was the greatest player to play at your school?" "Where would that current player rank on your school's all-time team?" And so on.

That's why we created survey pages for each Big Ten men's basketball program where fans have been ranking their favorite players over the past few weeks.

At first look, it can seem like an easy task. But as you roll through any list, one realizes it's a little harder. Where would Illinois' Kendall Gill rank on the Fighting Illinois list? With Indiana's long roster of talented players, who makes that school's "Mount Rushmore," or even a top five? Ohio State has a substantial list, too. Who would be on your No. 1 through No. 5 list? And the lists go on and on.

Here's how this works: Click on any link below to go to that school's page where you can rank the names of that men's basketball program's top basketball players. We're using ranking tools, so be sure to rank not just your top four but the entire list. Each ranking carries a certain weight that gets factored into the final list.

The top five names for all 14 teams will be revealed on future episodes of "BTN Live," and we'll post those segments and results back here on