Video: Gerry DiNardo explains late controversial call

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Video: Gerry DiNardo explains late controversial call

Don’t expect people to stop talking about the late controversial call in the Michigan State at Nebraska game Saturday night for quite some time.

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If you missed it, Nebraska wide receiver Brandon Reilly stepped out of bounds and came back in to catch the go-ahead and eventual game-winning touchdown in the final seconds at Memorial Stadium.

The play was reviewed, but the call on the field stood, despite Reilly clearly going out of bounds.

Why? BTN analyst Gerry DiNardo spoke with Big Ten head of officials Bill Carollo late Saturday night and relayed the full explanation of the ruling on “The Finale.”

Here’s a snippet of what DiNardo said on the show:

“This is a judgement call. There’s clearly contact, whether there’s enough contact to force Reilly out of bounds or not, that’s the question. But the officials that review the play in the booth, if they deem that there was contact, they can not review the play. That is not a review-able penalty.

“When the review officials looked at it, if there was no contact at all, then they could have reversed it and given Nebraska a penalty. But the fact that there was contact, regardless of the result of the contact, it could not be overturned, because that’s not a judgement call and can’t be reviewed.”

Watch DiNardo’s full explanation in the video above.

Now, let’s hear from the participants.


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