staff, October 20, 2015

This week on Big Ten Animated GIF Tuesday we take a closer look at one very important body part in the game of football, and no, it's not "the foot." That comes later in the semester. For a look at previous in-depth examination of our Big Ten GIFs, please refer to  Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5 and now a family-sized Week 6.

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As for the body part of note, today we break down how a hand – and in many cases a pair of them – plays an integral part of the game as well as the cheering at that game. Allow us to explain.

First, the basics: Catching. A good pair of hands facilitates the catching of the football. This gentleman has a good pair of hands.


However, it's fair to say this fellow below has a better pair. Assist: Left foot.


Hands can also help on when RUNNING with the football. Witness …


Hands let you carry on rich football traditions, some old …


And some newer …


And some involving third-year Wisconsin law school students throwing actual canes over the cross bar of the football uprights and trying to catch the canes as part of Badgers homecoming ritual that indicates whether or not each future lawyer will win their first court case. Assist: Google.


You've been waiting for the part about clapping? Thank you for your patience – yes, let's get to that now.  There is the "intense clap."


And then the"near clap." Choose your style accordingly.


Hands send signals, too. Hence the phrase "hand signals." Working solo, a single hand can suggest you pick up the pace.


Led by the arms, here the hands indicates a good kick.


Working in tandem with the mouth, this hand signal indicates a loud noise or a what we call a "boom."


And here the hands on the head indicate distress. Take it easy and show some compassion – we've all been there.


Hands also draw attention and can be very uplifting, whether it's a football teammate …


Or a football trophy …


Or the front of your football sweatshirt.


In short, hands are a big part of the game. But before we close, if you take away one thing from this handy session, please let it be this: Never, ever, EVER leave a hand hanging.