Sean Merriman, web editor, August 14, 2015

Which college football team earns the title of being the "best college football team" in your home state?

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That's the question our friends over at CBS Sports posed to their followers today, along with an outstanding map graphic, which shows their picks.

The list is based on teams they believe are playing the best right now, as oppose to which programs have had the most all-time success.

A total of nine Big Ten teams are represented on the map. Of course, keep in mind there are two Big Ten teams in the states of Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

Maryland, Michigan State, Penn State, Rutgers, Ohio State, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin were all named the best college football team in their respective state.

Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Northwestern and Indiana missed the cut. Notre Dame was named the best team in Indiana, Michigan State the top team in Michigan, and Northern Illinois took the cake as the best team in the state of Illinois.

This is a lot of fun. Enjoy!