Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, July 30, 2015

No matter the season, the Wisconsin men's basketball team knows how to entertain and have a good time.

A day after star Nigel Hayes released "WiscGod," a play on Drake's recent "diss tracks," this one directed at some of his Wisconsin teammates, fellow Badger Vitto Brown came up with a fun retaliation song.

Let's just say Brown, a polished singer who sang the national anthem at the 2015 Final Four, showed Hayes how it's done.

Here are a few of Brown's lines, courtesy of

"Your rap career is over please get back to the court. And please get on beat, rhyming like that disrespecting the team."

"Go get your mama's purse cuz I'm a take your money. You'll go home lookin' funny and your mama be like, 'What'd I tell you? He ate you up like some Big Chew. You lookin' so soft, running around like Pikachu.'"

"Go get your Ben Gay, whatever trendy – you better rehab, cuz you can't win today."

Anytime, you can throw a "Pikachu" into a track, you know you've got some skills. Game over.

Hear Hayes' track below: