Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, July 29, 2015

Nigel Hayes is jack of all trades.

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Let's start with the things we all know the Wisconsin star can do, shall we? He can play basketball. He can steal any press conference. He can conduct a fun interview.

Now for something new: He can rap.

With the help of teammate Ethan Happ, Hayes recently dropped his first rap single, "WiscGod," a diss track on some of his teammates. Listen to it above.

Here's how the track starts:

"Learn the game from Bo Ryan, you can never check me. Back-to-back, because you obviously didn't get the message. In the post, my baseline spin is a lethal weapon. From 1 to 10, I give your track a six, maybe a seven, whoa! Very important and very pretentious, when you all look back at this, y'all be begging forgiveness."

Vitto Brown, he is not. Still, one has to like Hayes' effort and confidence.



Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports