Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer, July 6, 2015

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

News that the 2015-16 season will be the 15th and final run for iconic Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan shook the college hoops world last week.

So, we gathered around the Keurig machine in the break room of the Big Ten Network skyscraper and thought: Who are the five best players who have toiled under Ryan since he arrived in 2001-02?

I asked six media members who cover the Badgers for their opinion. I awarded five points for a No. 1 vote, four for a No. 2 and so on. Cue ?On, Wisconsin!?

The results ?

1. Frank Kaminsky, 2011-15: 29 points
2. Devin Harris, 2001-04: 24 points
3. Alando Tucker, 2002-07: 19 points
4. Sam Dekker, 2012-15: 6 points
5. Jordan Taylor, 2008-12: 5 points
6. Jon Leuer, 2007-11: 3 points
7. Brian Butch, 2004-08, and Kirk Penney, 1999-2003: 2 points
8. Mike Wilkinson, 2001-05: 1 point

Kaminsky was voted No. 1 on all but six ballots. Harris is the only other player to get a No. 1 vote. Kaminsky, Harris and Tucker appeared on all six ballots; Dekker was omitted from just two ballots.

Following is a look at how each media member voted.

Jim Polzin, Wisconsin State Journal. I'd go: Devin Harris, Frank Kaminsky, Alando Tucker, Sam Dekker and Kirk Penney. I strongly considered Jordan Taylor and Mike Wilkinson.

Matt Lepay, Voice of Wisconsin. Kaminsky, Devin Harris, Alando Tucker, Jordan Taylor, Kirk Penney (Mike Wilkinson very close-Nigel Hayes moving up fast).

Mike Heller, The Big 920-Milwaukee & The Big 1070-Madison. 1. Frank Kaminsky, 2. Alando Tucker, 3. Devin Harris, 4. Brian Butch, 5. Sam Dekker. Honorable Mention, Jordan Taylor.

Jeff Potrykus, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I'd go with Kaminsky, Devin Harris, Alando Tucker, Jordan Taylor and Dekker.

Jon McNamara, 1. Kaminsky; 2. Harris; 3. Tucker; 4. Leuer; 5. Wilkinson. Kirk Penney and Sam Dekker would be close.

Tom Oates, Wisconsin State Journal. 1. Frank Kaminsky; 2. Devin Harris; 3. Alando Tucker; 4. Sam Dekker; 5. Kirk Penney, Brian Butch & Jordan Taylor. If must pick one for fifth, Taylor.