Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 10, 2015

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Wondering what Taylor Martinez is up to these days?

His football days over, the former Nebraska quarterback has turned his attention to a social media app for people with disabilities and diseases.

The app is called "Journey: A Positive Social Network," and it's the first IOS app exclusively dedicated to connect real-life heroes battling courageously with mental and physical challenges worldwide.

?Journey is going to help change lives one connection at a time," Martinez said in a press release. "This is more than just an application, it?s a community. It celebrates and honors the heroic journey of every struggling individual. It provides them a platform to socialize, educate and inspire the world.

"Journey can make a huge difference in millions of lives. The knowing and feeling of someone relating to you right in your palms will make all the difference in the world.?

Jack Hoffman, everyone's favorite Nebraska football fan, is featured on the app's site, in the form of a picture of his touchdown run in the 2013 spring game, and the word "Inspire" under it.

Martinez, who handed the ball off to Hoffman and showed him where to run on the play that warmed the hearts of people across the nation, is in the background of the picture.

Get the app here.