Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer, June 2, 2015

Roll this around your noggin: Is the Indiana job still ?elite?? Colin Cowherd and Dan Dakich debated.

My take: Yes, the job not only is elite-but it?s one of the top jobs across sports, along with gigs like coaching the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Notre Dame football, among other sweet jobs.


More hoops: Brendan F. Quinn of has an offseason evaluation of Michigan wing Caris LeVert. Quinn says LeVert?s lost junior season sets up a crucial senior season.

Thanks in part to LeVert missing the final 14 games and leaving his NBA draft stock up to assumptions and presumptions, the Wolverines' best player is returning to school for his senior season. And that?s great news in Ann Arbor for what should be a very good Michigan squad.


You better sit down for this: Michigan State assistant Dane Fife says West Virginia transfer Eron Harris has D?Angelo Russell-like talent.

Fife said Monday on the Spartan Nation radio show that he compares Harris talent-wise to former the former Ohio State standout freshman guard.

"I like to compare his talents to D'Angelo Russell, he reminds me a lot of D'Angelo Russell," Fife said. "Now I don't want to come on record and say that you can count on Eron Harris being D'Angelo Russell.

He could be as good, he could be better, or he could be not as good.

"I don't want to say that he's going to D'Angelo Russell, but I will say is that he's that gifted and talented."

That?s a mouthful. Why even go there? Call me skeptical. We shall see.


Michigan State has one more spot to fill on its hoops roster. And Tom Izzo says he may seek another transfer for it.


Sad news: Devon Still has tweeted that his daughter has had a setback in her fight with cancer.


What does C. Vivian Stringer think about progress Rutgers is making on facilities upgrade?

"I'm very much positive," Stringer told NJ Advance Media during a R B1G Tour stop. ?I think this is a great thing."

NJ Advance Media reported April 3 that Rutgers officials are formulating a plan that calls for a basketball gymnasium and coaching offices to be built on top of a yet-to-be-built parking garage on the current lot elbowed between the Rutgers Athletic Center and the new Rutgers Business School building.


Former Buckeye Joey Galloway will be part of ESPN?s College Football Final.

Galloway maintains a strong presence of former Buckeyes football players working in broadcasting that includes Kirk Herbstreit, Robert Smith and Chris Spielman.


Tom Shatel of says the Big Ten?s rise can be a boon to Nebraska. And, he?s correct.

Shatel points out Nebraska?s first four seasons in the Big Ten have been largely nondescript. (True.) Still, the Big Ten is a great place for Nebraska to be, and getting better all the time. Yes, there?s the academic standing and the football TV money, which is about to explode again. When it comes to money, NU is set for life. But Shatel says it?s because the Big Ten is starting to make headlines on the football field–combined with the academic reputation–makes for a monster league that should sit well with Husker fans.


The gang at wonders how safe Pat Fitzgerald is.

Daniel Rapaport says a 4-8 season would rightfully cause concern that the program is trending in the wrong direction. Northwestern hosts Ball St. and Eastern Illinois in the non-conference season, so a 4-8 record would likely be the result of a 2-6 mark in Big Ten play. While Fitz would almost certainly keep his job, Rapaport feels 4-8 would prompt significant changes to his staff — embattled offensive coordinator Mick McCall might be the first to go — and put a great deal of pressure on Fitzgerald to show marked improvement in 2016.


Who does Las Vegas think will start at QB for Ohio State?

According to this story, J.T. Barrett is the favorite to lead the Buckeyes this season. Next in line is Cardale Jones, then Braxton Miller. No shock, right? Right.


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