Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, May 27, 2015

The Big Ten's record five baseball teams in the NCAA tournament open regional action Friday.

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Iowa (2 ET vs. Oregon), Indiana (3 ET vs. Radford) and Michigan (2 ET vs. Bradley) are afternoon affairs, while Illinois (8 ET vs. Ohio) and Maryland (7 ET vs. Ole Miss) will play in prime time.

The Wolverines earned the Big Ten's automatic berth, by virtue of winning the Big Ten tournament, and Big Ten regular-season champ Illinois, which is one of the 16 regional hosts, Indiana, Iowa and Maryland were at-large selections.

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NCAA tourneys: 11
CWS appearances: 0
Region: Champaign
Opponents: 2. Notre Dame; 3. Wright State; 4. Ohio
NCAA opener: 8 p.m. ET Friday vs. Ohio
Factoid: The Illini are hosting a regional for the first time in program history.
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NCAA tourneys: 5
CWS appearances: 1
Region: Nashville
Opponents: 1. Vanderbilt; 2. Radford; 4. Lipscomb
NCAA opener: 3 p.m. ET Friday vs. Radford
Factoid: The Hoosiers are making their third consecutive NCAA tourney appearance, a first for a Big Ten team since 2008 (Michigan) and one more than they had previously in program history.
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NCAA tourneys: 4
CWS appearances: 1
Region: Springfield
Opponents: 1. Missouri State; 3. Oregon; 4. Canisus
NCAA opener: 2 p.m. ET Friday vs. Oregon
Factoid: The Hawkeyes are in the NCAA tourney for the first time since 1990.
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NCAA tourneys: 5
CWS appearances: 0
Region: Los Angeles
Opponents: 1. UCLA; 2. Ole' Miss; 4. Bakersfield
NCAA opener: 7 p.m. ET Friday vs. Ole Miss
Factoid: The Terrapins, who made the Super Regionals last year, are in back-to-back NCAA tournaments for the first time since 1970 and 1971.
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NCAA tourneys: 22
CWS appearances: 7
Region: Louisville
Opponents: 1. Louisville; 2. Bradley; 4. Morehead State
NCAA opener: 2 p.m. ET Friday vs. Bradley
Factoid: The Wolverines are in their first NCAA tourney since 2008.
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